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Journalism Club Speaks Out

Science and Social Studies Fair Is Coming!

By Kit A., Journalism Club


Whether your inter­est is in the crazy habits of fel­low class­mates or in how sci­ence bumps into our every­day lives, you can find some­thing to spark your inter­est at the Sci­ence & Social Stud­ies Fair. There is always some­thing new to learn: the life of sea mon­keys, the use of yeast and bak­ing  soda in bread, the life of a pet lizard, solar ener­gy, the indi­vid­u­al­i­ty of a thumb print, the struc­ture of crys­tals, the lives of dinosaurs, the inner work­ings of vol­ca­noes, or how weath­er works. The list goes on and on. Come see what your fel­low stu­dents find wor­thy of sci­en­tif­ic inves­ti­ga­tion on March 3.  ! It may inspire you to join the fun next year.