Happenings At Mitchell

The Journalism Club Presents

Behind the Scenes of Westward Whoa By the Journalism Club   Fourth, 5th and 6th grade Journalism Club students sat down with Mr. Phillips to talk with him about what goes into planning the 6th grade musical and what Mitchell can expect for next year. J-club: After the auditions, how do you decide who gets which part? Mr. Phillips: By… (Read more)

Cyber Bullying Speaker Comes to Mitchell

On December 7, we had Kath­leen Kee­lan speak about cyber­bul­ly­ing pre­ven­tion.  Kath­leen is a Licensed Pro­fes­sional Counselor, specializing in treat­ing stu­dents that are expe­ri­enc­ing bul­ly­ing in schools.  She also does school/parent work­shops on the pre­ven­tion of cyber­bul­ly­ing and tra­di­tional bullying.  One of the distinctions she made was between normal conflict and cyber-bullying.