Huge Thanks to Mitchell PTA

From Ms. Swen­son — the Dig­i­tal Teacher Librar­i­an at Mitchell


   On behalf of all our stu­dents and staff, I would like to thank PTA for their gen­er­ous con­tri­bu­tion of the Chrome­books for our Mitchell stu­dents. All 5 carts are checked out and used all day long. Here are a few exam­ples of how the Chrome­books are being used:Pri­ma­ry stu­dents are cre­at­ing Adobe Spark Videos, 3rd and 4th graders are using Google Class­room and Padlet to com­plete  assign­ments and 5th graders use the Chrome­books for a myr­i­ad of projects through­out the entire day. Below is a pic­ture of 5th graders help­ing Kinder­garten­ers with their video projects. Our stu­dents are equipped and use tech­nol­o­gy in pow­er­ful ways to increase their learn­ing. Our PTA sup­port is an essen­tial com­po­nent in help­ing our stu­dents for suc­cess. Thank you!”

Bob’s Atomic Burgers Support Our PTA

Hel­lo Mitchell Fam­i­lies — be sure to head over to Bob’s Atom­ic Burg­ers this Sun­day the 18th  as they’ll be giv­ing 30% of their pro­ceeds to our very own Mitchell PTA!  These guys are so sup­port­ive of many local caus­es, but here is a chance to grab a burg­er, fries and shake and sup­port our own kid­dos at the same time.

King Soopers Cards Available Now

Get your King Soopers cards and support Mitchell PTA.

Please con­tin­ue to reload (add mon­ey) to this card. Do not get rid of this card when it is emp­ty. Each time you reload this card, Mitchell PTA gets 5%, at no cost to you.

To reload:

  • Use your check cash or cred­it card
  • When you enter the store, before you shop (it will take 5 min­utes)
  • In the check­out line BEFORE you begin the check­out process (it is instant upload)

Down­load The Order Form Here

This card is good at most Kroger brand stores, in most states (Fred Mey­er, Fry’s, Dillon’s, City Mar­ket etc.) This card may be used to pur­chase gro­ceries, gas etc. (No ser­vices, such as Tick­et Mas­ter, and no Gift Cards of any type).

After buy­ing gro­ceries, look at your bal­ance to see if you need to load more mon­ey onto your card for gas?

You may use your card at Loaf ‘N Jug for gas and con­ve­nience items. You may also reload your card at Loaf ‘N Jug.

If your card remains emp­ty for over 90 days, it will be inac­ti­vat­ed and reloads on it will no longer ben­e­fit Mitchell Ele­men­tary PTA. So, if your bal­ance is zero, put a few dol­lars on it to keep active.

If you need addi­tion­al cards, please pur­chase from Mitchell PTA. Cards pur­chased at the store will not ben­e­fit the school.

Con­tin­ue to use your cus­tomer loy­al­ty card as well, for store and gas dis­counts and pro­mo­tion­al items.

Down­load The Order Form Here

Thank you for your sup­port of the Mitchell Ele­men­tary PTA!