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MCAT – Mitchell Collaborative Accountability Team

What is MCAT?

MCAT is a committee of parents, staff, teachers, administrators, students, and community members who work together to improve education for all students at Mitchell.  We address issues that directly affect academic achievement and our school environment.  MCAT uses the cooperative decision making process to accomplish goals.

MCAT meets throughout the school year and we invite you to join us. Our committee works to set accreditation goals, review budget issues, and address the “school report card”, CSAP results and safety issues.  In the past we have focused on implementing ‘recess before lunch’, dress code policy, homework policy and support of the Health School Team and the Help One Student programs.

This is a place where your voice can be heard.  Is there an issue you are concerned about?  Do you have ideas to help improve our school?  Are you interested in how decisions are made? We welcome you to join MCAT and help us to set our goals for this new school year. Questions or input? Call Peggy Mroz at 303-279-6359.

What type of work has the Mitchell Collaborative Accountability Team accomplished?
  • Review of CSAP results and goals
  • Development of homework guidelines
  • Annual review of proposed budget ensuring that budget aligns properly with established school goals.
  • Annual review of Accountability Plan including school goals targeting student achievement.
  • Review of a dress code policy
  • Support of enrichment activities for students.
  • Review and provide recommendations for school safety and discipline.
How can I get involved in cooperative decision making (MCAT) at Mitchell?
  • Talk with parent members listed in the Mitchell directory.
  • Contact the principal
  • Attend meetings that are announced in our Friday note.  These meetings are held on Wednesdays at 6:00pm in the school library.  There are usually five MCAT meetings in the academic year.

Membership should include at least one administrator, four to seven certified staff, one classified staff, five to eight parents, and one to two students.

MCAT meetings for 2012-2013; 6-7:30p in Mitchell Library
  • Coming Soon
CDM is governed by 10 standards of operation: 
  1. The participants are broadly representative of the school community.
  2. The process operates with written rules that are widely understood.
  3. The roles of the various decision-making groups are understood within the CDM process.
  4. The CDM process has shared vision that focuses on improvement of student learning.
  5. The CDM process determines what decisions are made and how they are made.
  6. Meetings are open and at convenient times.
  7. The CDM process is communicated internally and externally.
  8. The process is evaluated to determine effectiveness.
  9. Training is provided for all participants.
  10. Assistance is utilized when needed.

MCAT Meeting Minutes – October
MCAT Meeting Minutes – November

Questions, comments concerns agenda items?  Please contact the MCAT chair.

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