Mitchell Mileage Club

Excited Mileage Clubbers
Excit­ed Mileage Club­bers

This is a nation­al­ly rec­og­nized school running/walking pro­gram, with over 15,000 schools par­tic­i­pat­ing annu­al­ly. The pro­gram pro­vides an oppor­tu­ni­ty for stu­dents to chan­nel their ener­gy into a healthy activ­i­ty, which pro­motes phys­i­cal fit­ness, increas­es kids’ learn­ing readi­ness and helps reduce play­ground has­sles. In addi­tion it allows stu­dents to set goal for them­selves, work hard and gain a sense of accom­plish­ment and self esteem.

Mitchell Mileage Club is held every fall on Tues­days and Thurs­days in the upper play­ground. It’s fun, free and avail­able to all the 1st through 5th graders dur­ing recess. Stu­dents sign up with the par­ent vol­un­teers and are giv­en a yel­low mileage card. They can run, walk or skip around the course and after each ¼ mile lap, their cards are checked. On com­plet­ing 5 miles the stu­dents are reward­ed with a charm.

This activ­i­ty is very pop­u­lar, with around 300 stu­dents par­tic­i­pat­ing week­ly. To keep it run­ning smooth­ly we need par­ents. If you are inter­est­ed in this fun vol­un­teer oppor­tu­ni­ty or for more infor­ma­tion please come back in spring when we’ll start anoth­er sea­son!