Science & Social Studies Fair 2014–2015

Fair Date:  Thurs­day, Jan­u­ary 29, 2015.

School View­ing & Awards Date:  Fri­day, Jan 30, 2015.
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Inter­ested Vol­un­teers Wel­come Any­time” Con­tacts: Megan Hen­der­son,  and Cindy Pear­son.


The Sci­ence and Social Stud­ies Fair is an oppor­tu­nity for chil­dren to ask a ques­tion and explore the answers for them­selves.  We will help guide you and your child along the way!  Your child will love to share his/her project with fam­ily, friends and school­mates.  We look for­ward to a great night of sci­ence and social studies!!!

For a suc­cess­ful and awe­some project we rec­om­mend you use the Project Guide, which includes a 4-Week Project Schedule.

What is a Sci­ence or Social Stud­ies Project?

A sci­ence or social stud­ies Inves­tiga­tive Project (or an Inven­tion) asks a ques­tion and then uses 5 steps called the sci­en­tific method to dis­cover an answer. The term Sci­en­tific Method sounds pretty com­pli­cated but it is actu­ally 5 sim­ple ideas that sci­en­tists use to solve problems:

  1. What I won­der (Question)
  2. What I think (Hypothesis)
  3. What I did (Experiment/Research)
  4. What I found (Results)
  5. What I learned (conclusions)(This process is explained in much more detail in the Project Guide.)


Once you’re done, you orga­nize all your find­ings using a dis­play or poster board.  You may even want to include a demon­stra­tion.  Most impor­tantly, you will have the oppor­tu­nity to explain your results to the sci­ence fair judges, your friends, and your fam­ily at the Sci­ence and Social Stud­ies Fair.

In order to help you and your fam­ily plan your SSSF evening, here are the Final Instruc­tions for fair night.

In addi­tion, 4th and 5th graders have the oppor­tu­nity to earn an Hon­or­able Men­tion or High­est Hon­ors ribbon.