Volunteer Job Descriptions

PTA relies on the time and ener­gy of ded­i­cat­ed vol­un­teers to make every school year a great one. There are posi­tions and oppor­tu­ni­ties of all types and we encour­age you to find some­thing that fits your tal­ents and sched­ules.

Please note that the descrip­tions are here to help you, not restrict you. If you have new and bet­ter ideas, feel free to put your own per­son­al touch on the posi­tion.

PTA Board posi­tions
Communications/ Media
Com­mu­ni­ty Pro­grams
Enrich­ment Pro­grams

PTA Board positions

President (co-Presidents)

  • Man­age over­all objec­tives and strate­gies of PTA
  • Act as liai­son between PTA and prin­ci­pal
  • Cre­ate agen­da and facil­i­tate month­ly PTA meet­ings
  • Write a peri­od­ic PTA newslet­ter
  • Col­lab­o­rate with Prin­ci­pal to cre­ate annu­al school cal­en­dar
  • Speak at Cur­ricu­lum Night and oth­er events
  • Attend Jef­fer­son Coun­ty PTA meet­ings

Vice President

  • Con­fer with and assist Pres­i­dent in car­ry­ing out his/her duties.
  • Help Chairs as need­ed (Com­mu­ni­ca­tions, Hos­pi­tal­i­ty, Advo­ca­cy, etc)
  • Rep­re­sent Pres­i­dent in her/his absence or upon request.
  • Attend meet­ings in the President’s absence.


  • Col­lab­o­rate with the PTA Board to gen­er­ate the annu­al PTA bud­get.
  • Pre­pare the annu­al audit and tax return.
  • Pay bills and reim­burse­ments as required.
  • Record deposits.
  • Over­see ongo­ing PTA finances, ensure adher­ence to approved PTA bud­get.
  • Pre­pare and present bud­get report for each PTA gen­er­al meet­ing.


  • Take min­utes at PTA meet­ings and dis­trib­ute them in a time­ly fash­ion.
  • Make copies of min­utes from the last meet­ing for dis­tri­b­u­tion (and approval) at next meet­ing
  • Sub­mit approved min­utes for inclu­sion on web­site
  • Attend exec­u­tive board meet­ings, par­tic­i­pate in dis­cus­sions and deci­sion-mak­ing, take min­utes for prepa­ra­tion and dis­tri­b­u­tion to the oth­er offi­cers.
  • For­ward required doc­u­men­ta­tion to Col­orado PTA main office.


A lead per­son or a com­mu­ni­ca­tions com­mit­tee is need­ed to orga­nize each of the com­mu­ni­ca­tion efforts. Each pro­gram requires a vary­ing lev­el of time com­mit­ment.


Keep­ing every fam­i­ly informed of upcom­ing events and oppor­tu­ni­ties for stu­dents is an impor­tant part of the Mitchell Com­mu­ni­ty. Tra­di­tion­al­ly the Mitchell PTA has sent out a month­ly e-newslet­ter to mem­bers, post­ed to the PTA Face­book page, includ­ed impor­tant infor­ma­tion in the school’s week­ly Fri­day Note. All of these activ­i­ties can be done from home. PTA offi­cers and event chairs will pro­vide the con­tent. Atten­dance at PTA meet­ings is help­ful to keep the pulse of what is going on but not required.


From the month­ly newslet­ter to the web­site to the year­book, pic­tures of school life are reg­u­lar­ly used by PTA. All that is required of you is to con­tact the Com­mu­ni­ca­tions or Year­book chair for infor­ma­tion on where to upload your pic­tures. It couldn’t be eas­i­er!


The PTA web­site is an impor­tant tool for pro­vid­ing infor­ma­tion, han­dling reg­is­tra­tion forms and pay­ments, pro­mot­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tions and more. A skilled web admin­is­tra­tor is need­ed to main­tain the site and inte­grate new changes.


Mitchell stu­dents and fam­i­lies love the school year­book both for now and as a keep­sake to keep for the future. The PTA pro­duces a year­book each year through the efforts of par­ent vol­un­teers will­ing to step up to put it togeth­er.

Community Programs

Gold­en Schools Foun­da­tion Board mem­ber – Every school in the Gold­en artic­u­la­tion area that is sup­port­ed by the Gold­en Schools Foun­da­tion has a mem­ber on the GSF board. This vol­un­teer attends GSF meet­ings, par­tic­i­pates in the GSF deci­sion-mak­ing as a Board mem­ber and pro­vides updates back to the Mitchell com­mu­ni­ty.

Watch DOGS (Dads of Great Stu­dents) – Watch DOGS is a nation­al pro­gram for school-based father involve­ment pro­gram that works to sup­port edu­ca­tion and safe­ty. A chair or co-chairs are need­ed to coor­di­nate the pro­gram and fathers, grand­fa­thers, uncles and oth­ers are need­ed as vol­un­teers either for a one-time vis­it or ongo­ing through­out the school year.

Week of Giv­ing Back – The week of giv­ing back revolves around Mar­tin Luther King Day in Jan­u­ary. Stu­dents and fam­i­lies are encour­aged to bring in items to be donat­ed to char­i­ties around the Gold­en area. A chair or co-chairs are need­ed to arrange the logis­tics for that week.

Vet­er­ans Day Break­fast – A break­fast is pro­vid­ed at the school each Novem­ber 11th to hon­or our vet­er­ans and rec­og­nize those fam­i­ly mem­bers serv­ing in the armed forces. A co-chair is need­ed to work with a Teacher to plan the logis­tics for the morn­ing.

Enrichment Programs

Mitchell stu­dents love to par­tic­i­pate in the many enrich­ment pro­grams offered by PTA. These pro­grams can be run by one chair, co-chairs or com­mit­tees so grab some friends and get involved.

All Pro Dads – Two break­fast events each year, one in the fall and one in the spring, for dads to con­nect with their stu­dents and the school. A chair or co-chair are need­ed to plan these events.

Com­mu­ni­ty Gar­den - Our gar­den was built in the fall of 2012 by active Mitchell PTA par­ents. In order to keep the gar­den as an impor­tant resource in the school com­mu­ni­ty and make sure the gar­den main­tains dis­trict stan­dards, a ded­i­cat­ed chair (or co-chair) is need­ed each year.

Diver­si­ty & Equi­ty – This com­mit­tee puts togeth­er the annu­al Mul­ti­cul­tur­al Night and Her­itage Fair to show­case the many cul­tures at Mitchell and our sur­round­ing com­mu­ni­ty. They also coor­di­nate the month­ly diver­si­ty and equi­ty board high­light­ing a dif­fer­ent heritage/culture each month. A co-chair is need­ed to work with the school ESL teacher.

Envi­ron­men­tal Learn­ing for the Future (ELF) – ELF is an edu­ca­tion­al pro­gram deliverd by vol­un­teers in every class­room for grades Kinder­garten – 4th. Two co-chairs are need­ed to run this pro­gram each year. Chairs are respon­si­ble for pro­vid­ing the train­ing and mate­r­i­al for the 5 learn­ing units for the year. Teach­ers help recruit vol­un­teers in their class­rooms to deliv­er the learn­ing units to the stu­dents.

Fuel Up to Play 60 – FUTP60 is a nation­al pro­gram offered to 5th grade stu­dents. Stu­dents are look­ing for ways to make the school health­i­er and more active. They help dur­ing Field Day, Bike to School Day and Walk to School Day. A co-chair is need­ed to work with the school PE teacher orga­nize events and meet­ings.

Math & Sci­ence Night

M & S Night is a big event at the school that occurs one evening in Sep­tem­ber. Activ­i­ties include pro­mot­ing the event, solic­it­ing groups to be a part of the pro­gram, orga­niz­ing vol­un­teers and run­ning the pro­gram. Co-chairs or a com­mit­tee are need­ed to orga­nize this night and many vol­un­teers are need­ed for dif­fer­ent activ­i­ties before, dur­ing and after the event.

Mitchell Mileage Club

The mileage club pro­vides a reward­ing pro­gram for stu­dents to run dur­ing recess in the fall and spring. Activ­i­ties occur in September/October and April/May and include pro­vid­ing sup­plies for the pro­gram and arrang­ing vol­un­teers for recess twice per week. A chair or co-chairs are need­ed to orga­nize the pro­grams and many vol­un­teers are need­ed to help dur­ing school recess times.

Oral Inter­pre­ta­tion

This pro­gram pro­vides stu­dents with the oppor­tu­ni­ty to devel­op their pub­lic speak­ing skills. Activ­i­ty is most­ly in Feb­ru­ary and March and includes pro­mot­ing the event in the school, col­lect­ing stu­dent entries, arrang­ing for vol­un­teer coach­es and judges and orga­niz­ing the evening per­for­mance. A chair is need­ed to run the pro­gram and vol­un­teers are need­ed dur­ing school recess time or after school to help coach the stu­dents.

Reflec­tions Art Con­test

Reflec­tions is a Nation­al PTA con­test that runs in the fall. Activ­i­ty is most­ly in September/October and includes pro­mot­ing the event in the school, col­lect­ing stu­dent entries, arrang­ing for entry judg­ing, and orga­niz­ing a recep­tion to cel­e­brate the stu­dents. A chair or co-chairs are need­ed to run the pro­gram. Vol­un­teers are need­ed to help pre­pare and dis­play the art­work.

Sci­ence & Social Stud­ies Fair

The SS Fair is usu­al­ly held in Jan­u­ary and includes pro­mot­ing the event in the school, arrang­ing judges, and orga­niz­ing the evening event for stu­dents to dis­play projects and talk to the judges. Co-chairs plan and run the event and rely on vol­un­teers to help that evening.

SHINE Tal­ent Show

A tal­ent show for 4th and 5th grade stud­ies to share their tal­ents with the com­mu­ni­ty. Typ­i­cal­ly held in April activ­i­ties include pro­mot­ing the event in the school, hold­ing audi­tions and rehearsal for the stu­dent acts and host­ing the evening event for the per­for­mances. A chair is need­ed to orga­nize the event and rehearsals. Vol­un­teers are need­ed to help with the stage, media and oth­er logis­tics that night.


A lead per­son or a fundrais­ing com­mit­tee is need­ed to orga­nize each of the fundrais­ing pro­grams. Each pro­gram requires a vary­ing lev­el of time com­mit­ment and at dif­fer­ent times of the year.

Direct Dona­tion Cam­paign — The biggest fundrais­er for Mitchell the cam­paign runs all year, how­ev­er the largest effort is in September/October to pro­mote the cam­paign and thank all con­trib­u­tors.

Barnes and Noble night – A fun night at B&N for stu­dents to per­form and a por­tion of all sales are donat­ed back to the PTA. Once time per year usu­al­ly in March

Box­Tops for Edu­ca­tion – The nation­al pro­gram requires col­lect­ing and remit­ting the labels and is done once in the fall and once in the spring

Ebooks – These Col­orado coupon books need a coor­di­na­tor to order the books and sell them to inter­est­ed fam­i­lies. One time per year at the begin­ning of the school year

Eduk­its – The Eduk­its pro­gram is an easy way for fam­i­lies to get all of the school sup­plies need­ed for their stu­dent for the next school year. A chair or co-chairs are need­ed to coor­di­nate the orders and deliv­ery of items to the stu­dents pri­or to school start­ing for the year.

Orig­i­nal­Works Art Fundrais­er – Work with the Art teacher to pro­vide every stu­dent with the oppor­tu­ni­ty to order mer­chan­dise based on his or her orig­i­nal art­work. One time per year in November/December


A lead per­son or a hos­pi­tal­i­ty com­mit­tee is need­ed to orga­nize each of the events. Each event requires a vary­ing lev­el of time com­mit­ment and at dif­fer­ent times of the year.

Teacher Return break­fasts – pro­vide break­fast for teach­ers before stu­dents return (once in August and once in Jan­u­ary)

Kinder­garten Ice Cream Social – A fun start of the school year event in August for Kinder­garten fam­i­lies

Con­fer­ence din­ners – Twice a year (spring and fall) orga­nize potlucks or restau­rant dona­tions to pro­vide teach­ers with din­ners on the two nights of par­ent-teacher con­fer­ences

Admin Pro­fes­sion­al Day – In April, show appre­ci­a­tion for the school’s admin­is­tra­tive staff

Teacher Appre­ci­a­tion Week – In May, a week of rec­og­niz­ing and show­ing appre­ci­a­tion for teach­ers (past exam­ples have been dessert bar potluck, cof­fee cart, chair mas­sages, flow­ers, cards, and a donat­ed gift exchange)


A lead per­son or a com­mit­tee is need­ed to orga­nize each of the social events. Each pro­gram requires a vary­ing lev­el of time com­mit­ment and at dif­fer­ent times of the year.

Lake­side Night – An end of school year event in May that is held at Lake­side amuse­ment park with oth­er area schools.

Skate Night – Mitchell night at the skat­ing rink

Spring Dance – Late April/early May dance in the school gym