Mitchell Elementary PTA

Every Child. One Voice – Golden, Colorado

Student Yearbooks

Mitchell 2016-2017 Yearbooks


Mitchell’s FULL-COLOR yearbooks capture your child’s special year through candid pictures, portraits, class pictures and lots of other fun surprises.



Step 1:  Download the Form and Order a yearbook by April 14

K-4th grade – $20

5th grade – $22 (with extra 5th grade-only pages)

Step 2:  Order your Well-Wish, if desired, by April 3

Well-Wishes are included in everyone’s yearbooks.

These are optional, but cost extra.  Read more below.

Step 3:  When your yearbook order is placed, you’ll receive

an email with instructions about your two, free

personalized pages.  Personalized pages are

included ONLY in your student’s yearbook and are

FREE with your order.  These are also optional.

If you don’t include your personalized photos, that’s  fine – your yearbook looks the same.  If you do,  your student has two special pages seen only in  her/his book.

Personal “Well-Wishes”

Well-wishes are personal messages that friends and family place in the yearbook to honor students, teachers, friends, etc.

·       Text only messages are $10.

·       Text messages with a picture are $25.

·       Images should be emailed in jpg format.

yearbook2If you have a print, please write your child’s name, grade and contact info on the back.  Attach and submit it with this form.  Please write clearly!  A well-wish is not required, but it creates a lasting memory.

Parent Photographers

The Mitchell Yearbook is a volunteer effort and includes hundreds of photos taken by parents and families at Mitchell events, field trips and in the classroom.

If you have photos you’d like to share, please email them as well.  Please identify the event and the grade of the students in the photo.  Download the Form Here